• littlewoman_jo 10w

    I'd undoubtedly go
    on a mountain top
    where I could scream
    my lungs out away
    from the crowd and
    it will suddenly make
    me feel, that the weight
    from my chest
    has been magically lifted.

    I would fly free,
    my arms streched out
    in all directions.
    I'd feel the air,
    the rush of blood
    coursing through my veins.
    And then slowly,
    I'd settle down
    reaching a state of tranquillity.

    At that exact moment
    I would grab my pen
    and scribble down
    everything that I'd been
    feeling lately
    and it will make me go
    further into peace.
    It doesn't happen
    quite often so
    I'd make the best of it.



    Image : weheartit
    Location : Machu Picchu, Peru

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