• emily_cjw 11w

    Silly Life

    What a silly life the God in heaven had given to me.
    I am only here because my mother could be.
    All alone I am nothing to beat,
    So I kept thinking of the ways I could leave.

    They kept saying “If you hate the way you live then find a way to change it”;
    “The way you waste your life, it's like you're demented”
    “Your despair is like a disease? Can't you find it a cure then?”
    Though they had never lived a second of my life, they had easily said it.

    A rigid world with standard days and it's saddened souls with dead fixed ways,
    If I see no point in these days I had stayed, can't I just throw them all away?

    What a talker, a liar that I am.
    I've been living a show, or even a scam.
    Even God wouldn't buy this dirty sham,
    Though it's not like I can still give a damn.