• r_fina 4w

    Who are Best Friends ?

    In life we cross paths with many but only few (after our parents) understands us so well. They hear the hidden voices in our silence and also can read our facial expressions. They love us when we become the most unlovable person and also push us to achieve our dreams when we lost believe in ourselves. They always stood behind by us even when we cross all the limits of stupidity and mainly without a judgemental mentality. They slap us when we do stupidity but at once they become a fighter when someone say something ill about us. They handle our annoying mood swings like a pro and also love us with all their heart even when their own heart is broken into millions.. and such species are known as BEST FRIENDS.. and in life if you encounter them then love them and preserve them as now-a-days they are listed as endanger species... So just like me (as i got two gems) be happy & happy to have them...!