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    There are unsaid thoughts which tell more about you more than the thoughts which have been blurted out. I wanted to add some modifications to this writing but I am literally plain now. So accept this raw one


    @shashagilbert_ used your suggestion of writing user name as tst.

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    Maybe I am not the person written
    among these one-liners and musings.
    Maybe I am the person of thousand revolting
    thoughts which fought a war on my dead skin
    and then later slept in the larynx of my throat,
    always giving me a sensation to puke them out
    in form of pulchritude vocabularies.
    I open my mouth wide and hover my lips on
    the rectangle of my keyboard, but nothing comes out.
    Instead, I am left with a heavy feeling gripping
    itself on the edges of my heart.

    'Let me cage you
    in the form of words,
    so that you can forever fly.
    Just don't stay inside me in a way
    which daily reminds me that there are
    things and thoughts I can't put into
    sensitive bubbles of words'
    I whisper in the ears of those revolting
    thoughts seductively.
    A writer's voice.
    Wanting to influence yet another thing to
    rest in the lap of metaphors.

    But you see
    One can't cage something which has caged them only.