• abhijitmalla 5w

    Some love mother
    Some love father
    But I love one
    That is my character
    Some love Odia
    Some love English
    But I love one
    That is costing
    Some love work
    Some love leisure
    But I love one
    That is my pleasure
    Some love Goddess
    Some love God
    But I love one
    That is my lord
    Some love colour
    Some love lover
    But I love one
    That is my mother

    I love a lady
    Who is always ready
    To listen my words
    To do my work
    To give me affection
    To express her emotion
    I love her lovely face
    Which always watches
    Which give me blessings
    To see my voice
    Her sweet voice
    Give me joy and pleasure
    She is my guide
    Friends and philosopher
    Oh my dear
    She is none other
    Than my loving mother
    Than my loving mother
    Someone who thinks about you are right
    Someone who always wants to protect you
    Someone who always care for you
    Someone who hopes you are never in trouble
    Someone who always trusts you
    Someone who treasure your sprit
    Someone who always want you to be happy
    Someone who always proud of you
    Someone who does anything for you
    Someone who always with you
    Someone who feels complete because of you
    Salute this "someone is called "mother"
    Who always care for you