• seemahbasavaraj 4w

    Maa, I know I did not share your womb, but that never bugged me. Because you raised me with love and care. Today I'm here to leave you, a THANK YOU note for, your teachings, sacrifices and nourishment. Because in the span of 22 years, I came across 1000s of people. And everytime I met different individuals, All I realized is that I'm richer than them. Because, you raised me with morals, values and ethics. Though this generation call 'em as outdated, I believe that they are the savior and I'm glad that, I did not fall into the trap of materialistic modernization. I don't mind being called ancient, because, ultimately that is where we all have to surrender. Thanks to you, for teaching me that.
    Thanks for teaching me to be honest in whatever I say and do.
    And thanks for teaching me what devotion and spirituality is.! Which are now helping me more than my graduation degree.
    I know there are many religions. But till my last breath, I'll worship the religion which I always believed exists, and the religion is YOU. I worship you! And I always got the best by worshipping you.
    Finally, thanks for teaching everything that made ME what I'M today.
    Seema H Basavaraj.