• elfluck 10w

    Names on Gray Rocks

    Take me back to the dirt
    no more thoughts
    no more dreams
    don't wanna feel myself
    tryna' sneak in my coffin
    see what I'll dig out
    glares of my eternity
    nailing the splinters down
    tables under wood
    a feast filled with grimy puddles
    and stinging ants
    I'm heavy-coated
    heat flares dripping from the sun
    running off like water
    hump in my posture
    on my way to that tall mound
    names on gray rocks of granite
    I'm here looking for mine
    brought some apples for my exit
    a present for the fruit flies
    heart pounding and weak
    feeling death like a cold wine
    I'm itching to drink it
    taking last breaths in this garden of Eden
    good hair turned nappy
    seeing my feet planted where I'll lay
    sandals by the flowers
    letters and proud notes
    don't let this pain be your compass
    never run to submit
    ten toes that polish
    the blackest of souls
    to be born again
    as a seed in the ground.