• mindinkd 9w

    (In a hospital room)

    "Can you hear me, Mr. Reeve?"
    The blinding lights refused to let him open his eyes, as Ramiel tried to move in response a painful jolt shot from everywhere making his body aware of the presence of needles.

    "His heart rate is slowing down, Doctor"
    Ramiel couldn't hold back from trying to smile, not like he wanted them to see him doing so which was out of the question cause his face felt kind of numb yet painfully exhausted to move from all the pain his body was going through.

    "Isn't it all you ever wanted?"
    He wanted to agree with the voice inside his head, he got what he wanted, an end for his suffering. He should be grateful to get exactly what he was waiting for, but after all humans aren't always satisfied with what they have.

    "Then why are you crying?"
    Despite the numbness, he could feel a cold streak peering from the corner of his eye, sliding across his cheek. He could have sworn he heard a reaction from someone in the room but all his senses were failing him.

    It doesn't matter anymore is all he could tell himself, after all his fight was over,
    his long, painful and lonely fight with all the demons he had to face, he doesn't need to feel bad about anything and anyone because-

    "It doesn't matter anymore."

    "Then why do i feel so sad?"