• seanna 5w

    This was kind of all over the place. My bad. I just wrote it on a whim. @mirakee @writersnetwork #mirakee #pod #soulwriter #guilt

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    This weight gets heavier as the days get longer.

    Everyone says it was an accident, but I know better since I’m the one who did it.

    I was an admirer.

    Some might say a little to obsessed.

    So obsessed, that I went crazy and. Killed. You.

    When I was done I threw you in a pit.

    I sat down and cried, knowing what I did.

    My game went a bit to far...

    Now I live with the guilt of that day.
    Heavy on my shoulders and back.

    I am an egomaniac.

    To worried about satisfying my needs to kill you.

    Now I need it to end.
    All this pressure.

    Rising, rIsInG, RISING!

    I have had enough. It’s to much to bare.

    “I’m sorry for the sin I have committed...
    Please forgive me for my wrong doings”
    Were my last words. Set in stone where I lay.