• satyadevsdg 31w

    Suicide - THE FINAL STEP

    The word that's found everyday in our daily's.
    Not less than someone or other die in their self causes.

    Life is beautiful ,
    But its filled up with hurdles.

    People feel the hurdles are above their life and opt for the extreme and kill themselves ,
    Suicide isn't just a mistake while it's even a crime .

    Just before the suicide think about your family , and even your life just without the hurdles everything you find is just happiness .

    Suicide is not about killing themselves while suicide is about killing the hurdles.
    Suicide gives the best solution while it isn't at all adviced ,
    Ever before thinking about suicide just think that your the crime maker of your own life.

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    None can see the pain while they point out the scars,
    People pinch out them and I come into existence ,
    I never encourage me while you opt me at your own risk,
    I'm ever an end for anything but only an advice for everything.