• anshika_bharti_ 5w

    That girl she just keeps quite
    But her mind is always soaring in flight.
    She observes, but never speaks
    The way the sunlight through clouds creeps.
    The way the mountains are illuminated
    Or how beautifully this sky has been created
    How the water turns iridescent
    How the branches of trees twist and bend.

    When the world sleeps, she stares at the moon
    She thinks about how her life is a boon.
    When the sun shines in the afternoon
    She feels like a butterfly outta her cocoon.

    She's the type of girl who gets lost in books
    Away from the world in corners and nooks.
    The words- they entice her
    Everything else just seems so dull and blur.
    And she dances away with the letters
    With her imagination growing feathers.

    From all the worries her mind is freed
    When through her pen she lets the ink bleed.
    Graphemes are where she hides her thoughts
    Pages are where her imagination floats.

    She's not weird as people say
    She just sees the world in her own, unique way.♡

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