• kaitlyncarroll 9w


    Friends are frivolous.
    People are a dime a dozen. Mm..sick.
    Best friends don't call it quits
    like lovers do.
    It's just a quiet fade.
    We were both holding a rope;
    Now one of us is.
    People are gross.
    They'll turn your back on you
    because they didn't get enough of the front.
    Eat my heart;
    I'll even season it just for you.
    I've been depressed.
    My disassociation is getting the better of me.
    My screams are louder than my thoughts;
    and I don't want you to know.
    Shh. Keep it a secret.
    I wanna see the world burn
    and lay in the flames.
    I've got issues.
    I want to smile in your eyes while you bleed my guts into your hands,
    puddles at your feet.
    I'm aching. I'm tired.
    I'm sick of it.
    Clinging to paper, paycheck to paycheck.
    Needing, desperate, rock bottom.
    Sitting in the pit alone, silence rings.
    My insides are screaming
    and I'm eating nicotine and caffeine seasoned with bitter guilt.
    There's always an end to the episode.
    I'm so tired of trying. It's never over.