• something_from_soul 5w

    Seed : A lockdown story

    Are you scared of falling down?
    Even I was...
    Fortunately I had a pair of strong and inexorable wings above me, that took care of me selflessly.
    Fed me when she herself was hungry, held my hands to walk an extra mile and made sure my happiness becomes the reason for her smile.
    Taught me to be stubborn, stubborn enough that if the world tries to sow me, have enough power to be able to fabricate the growth one more time.
    There was a lot on stake, because we were skint and there was no way left for the lucre to make.
    Her arms were my safest place to hide in, whenever the thunderstorm used to knock.
    Her songs were better medicine,
    When I felt the unwellness.
    She calmed me, she nourished me throughout.
    She blessed me, she screamed me no doubt.
    Father was a super behind the scenes hero.
    Stood by me and held my faults.
    Channelized, all those ambiguous thoughts.
    Drop by drop, all those shattered tears and dreams.
    She perfected that which concerned me, it wasn't a lockdown, but definitely a block down.
    Mentally and physically she was a connoisseur.
    Although, the enigma that she went through in this sedentary period was no less than an era of horrendous events.

    However, I'm thankful and my heart just beats a few more times knowing that how spine chilling this time could have been but due to her and due to my behind the scenes super hero, we could fortuitously arrange bread and butter and the endless amount of love.

    And finally she taught me how to fly, how to commence over and win the terrible situation.!

    Thanks dear mother, thanks dear father..!