• chandanchoudhdhry 5w

    My Nation

    I have , for something, a great passion,
    Guess! Yah it is my nation.

    From Ganga to Godawari
    From Kashmir to kanyakumari
    It is totally gazing creation
    It is certainly- my nation.

    Think of God vishwakarma(world maker) who is its mansion
    For which even great mahatma got incarceration
    Then why not I proud of my nation.

    When someone within, abuse it,
    I feel Suffocation,
    Heart says: how dare you blame my nation.

    We must care our needy and it's our obligation,
    For, then we make a good nation.

    I see India through observation,
    How cute! You are : my nation.

    But when I hear of secession,
    I want to teach all traitors, tough lesson
    Because I simply love my nation.