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    I headed back to home and as i reached i saw mom slipper in shoe rack that means she's back. In the mom is making meal. 'Good morning maa' i said. How's mrs. Jain now i asked. "She fine now and i'm making this food for her. With that she wrapped the food and carefully put them in paper bag. " i hope you've cleaned your room" she said while shutting the door behind her. Ok! Cleaning first.
    With that i opened my room's door and decided to do some cleaning. Well i don't have a large room but i love it. The walls are painted grey when i told my parents that i want this color in my room then my mum said "go with something bright" but i cut her off with saying that i'm gonna stay in this room not her. I had a desk that is placed near the window and on the desk i had my laptop, pencil stand some notepads and a comfy chair. With addition i personally demanded that i want to insert a shelf for my books and that ended up with tree shaped design on the front wall where the branches of the trees are of ply board. That means when you look at it you'll see a tree whose branches hold the books. I have a collection of books that has biography's, fiction, sci-fiction, psychology books and one of my favorites Harry Potter's collection. So starting with the mess of my clothes i neatly folded them and put the dirty one's in laundry. Then i rearranged my wardrobe changed the bed sheets put the cushions on there place and with the vacuum cleaner i cleaned my black carpet. And sprayed the room freshener. After i finished it i laid on my bed it 10 am and i still had the office work to do i have two hour left before riya's burst in with her long going conversation as i was thinking all of this i started feeilng hungry. I know i had breakfast but i can't control my hunger that way i ate time to time whenever i get the chance as i reached at the dinning table dad had already started eating and mom's back. i smelled some muffins and fresh Chocolava cake. I mouth started drooling quickly i took my seat next right to my dad and mom sat in front of me i quickly munched muffins and then i noticed some fries also. Yes, my family prefer healthy food but Sunday's are meant for real food right. The moment i took a full spooned bite of chocolava cake it just melted in my mouth i felt myself in a chocolate land 'Wow! This is amazing' i said to my mom with my mouth full of cake. "I think you should start your own bakery shop and you're going to make some good money with it..right dad' i said with real enthusiasm. Although my mother is short tempered and she has some OCD with cleanliness especially that cause me and my dad to put our stuff in organised way otherwise we both got scowled by her, but above all of that she's a brilliant cook she can make anything and always like to try new dishes moreover she got them nearly perfect in her first try. This is also the reason that in school and while in college riya and sana craves for my lunchbox and they finishes it in a first lecture. "I have also told her to do that you know.. but she never agrees what i say" my dad replied while finishing his last bite of muffin.  my mother took the first bite she replied with a little sarcasm" As if you always listen to me." "I do almost always" my dad replied. My mother about to speak when dad phone started ringing and he got up to take the call and headed towards the lawn. With that mum asked" why's riya coming" i said i don't know maybe she has some college project that she been stuck or with her job, in a restaurant she won't be able to do it and needed help. So i stood up and put my dishes into the sink and went to my room to start writing my article so that later i can finish my feature. I glanced at the clock it's 10:15 i switched on my laptop with the login sound screen poped up and with that i started writing with some search and adding facts i completed the article and sighed in relief that means i only had to write a feature now great for that i have the whole day. I laid back on my chair and a little sting on my arm that had stretchs on my elbow i looked at it and my mind went to the Saturday's incident instantly while i was in my thoughts riya opened the door with a bang and she was sweating and breathless in her shorts and yellow shirt. "My life is turning upside down" she replied in her breathless voice. "What happened"?