• meerabharathi 5w

    Though, he left me to myself
    He made a mark deep down my heart- Before he disappeared..
    A scar that never really hurts,
    A stain that never fades,
    His memories with me
    Washing through me
    Like waves crashing on the shores
    And, him? Nowhere to be seen..

    Feets moving in rhythm.
    People out there,
    They have a purpose;
    Without you-
    I think I don't.

    All those inner cries,
    All those lonely nights,
    Your voice haunting me like a ghost
    Shredded tears, Shattered my soul
    I just wanted you to say..
    You're not alone till you stay!

    Shadows taunting me,
    Phobos strangling me to death
    The most inevitable thing
    Alive on planet Earth.

    You were my gallery of galaxies-
    Whenever I were in agony and moaned,
    I'd remember your words:
    'Well, would you like to give captions to my pictures for the rest of our lives!?'
    But, I never once got the chance to shout back,

    *5 2 0  3000*

    Do you know that feeling- Of
    Lightning piercing a clear blue sky;
    Maybe you and I were never fated to be together..
    And now, I, regretting-
    Weeping in the middle of the nights
    Living a life all on my own
    Alone and coming to know;
    That every single face is unknown!
    Waiting, desperately, for my dreamcatcher to find you back..

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    ...I just wanted you to say,
    You're not alone till you stay...