• elizabethesther 5w

    My Love, My Choice!

    Thou art my shield, the calmness that cool my inner heart
    Loving you was by choice,
    The day I met you felt like yesterday, when the sun was kissing the moon.
    My heart was wandering through the desert as I stumble into thy arm,
    You shield me from the outside world and made me sought refuge in thy arms,.

    Oh my heart!
    Thou I struggle in releasing you but my heart couldn't resist the temptation and care thy love giveth me,
    You made me realise love can be painful and it can be wonderful,
    Loving you came so easy despite my struggle,
    I finally let go into your arms
    I let myself feel the ecstasy of thy romance,
    Each time you hold me, I tremble under your touch.

    With you my emotion knows no bound
    And my love can't be control
    My heart is like atomic bomb been held like a captive under the distress of a terrorist,
    But in this case, am your prisoners and your my captor,
    Whose love have found its way into my soul like a parasite looking for a host to dwell and take over it's body.
    My body is your, my soul is your.
    Been close to you alone gives me an imaginary orgasm that tremble like a musical organ.

    Will I ever be free from thee?
    Thou I question what kind of emotion is this,
    That made me to be lost uncontrollably just by your tender voice, which sound like an ice that can melt a mild volcano.
    I know not what awaits me tomorrow but day by day my soul has never lost its ecstasy in thee,
    I don't mind been your prisoner for life in this journey of our love.