• gurjaspal 10w

    A disguised part
    You'd adore
    Quite intimidating
    You'd ask for more
    Begins a new chapter
    Something I wasn't ready for

    Starts at your lowest
    Unpredictability follows
    Day/nights the same
    Alarms, a "closed closet"
    Of sliding down an endless swing
    To being, as flex as a spring

    The 200% happiness it brings
    Eliminates the bitterness
    Daydreaming a different life
    A city of total forgiveness
    Where a touch of liquor helps
    Write a story, of endless efforts

    May have freaked a few
    Had a session to help virtue
    I'm the same, "Backing up"
    24/7, sarcasm filled cup
    Sorry, it all got puzzled up
    Fear a downfall, if I get up.