• radhamohanmishra 5w

    Ever flowing Wind

    Travelled once I to a distant place with the ever flowing wind,
    So strong he is could have taken me to destination at once on his hind.
    But surprised me it by walking with me lovingly hand in hand,.
    Although capable of bringing this journey to a quickest end.
    Taken aback was I seeing his utter politeness,
    Rare it is to find in other such a beauty of goodness.
    Intrigued, asked I why for me taking such a bother,
    Replied he happily, reasons are various let me tell you brother.
    Although have I speed, yet I want to walk with you as in a normal journey,
    Never deviate law of nature & friendship, happy that you are friend to me.
    Very rare is it, to find time to walk with a dear friend,
    Let me spend some good time with you up to your journey's end.
    So many thing of my life are there to share with you,
    Let me unburden my burdens of life before dear you.
    Not that have I only pains of life, pleasures are also there,
    Pains & pleasures are part of life, all I want to share.
    Think people that I destroy to satisfy my ego and anger,
    Do not have those evils in me, act only according to nature.
    Enjoy to flow always in the form of breeze for you people’s pleasure,
    Painful it is that, you all force me to flow as storm disbalancing the nature.
    Love to give pleasure always to the mankind by flowing very gently,
    Helpless I am, due to mankind's folly I am not able live my life freely.
    All I want from you people, only a pinch of pure love,
    Cherish me please, never shall I stop doing my good job.
    Fortunate I am, to be the life line of God's beautiful & divine creation,
    Handicapped now I am, suffocating with pollution because of human's greedful action.
    O human being, save yourself, be kind to yourself & save your children's future,
    Expect nothing from me,helpless I am,unable to save the mankind & the mother nature.
    Many more things were still there, wanted my friend to share,
    Alas; journey of ours came to end, destination was there.