• bleeding_truth 31w

    The day she left me taught me many things.
    Things that are hard to describe or express.
    My hands shiver whenever I think to pen downmy thoughts, basically when I tried to figure out what was going wrong in the first place, was it my possessiveness turned insecurity? Or was it my jealousy?. And now I know that things aren't in my hands, I finally realized I didn't own her. She too has a life, she too has a right to live happy and smiling with whoever she thinks fits.
    Now that I've realized my mistakes, I would like to convey a message to all of those guys who are going through the same. If you guys are lucky enough and if she is still talking to you, don't repeat my mistakes.. In the end you want her to be happy with or without you. Let her live her life how she thinks fit.
    Thank you for giving this a read.