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    Beautiful broken love.. I know you might be puzzled by reading this. Yes, there is beauty embedded in broken love and only few fortunate souls are able to dig it out.

    Yes, when love breaks it is surely painful. But there is some beauty in it. Like when the clock strikes 11:11 pm, you run and stand by the window. You know that the person can never be yours but you still close your eyes and wish for him/her. You may think it is idiotic but if you think over it you can see something very beautiful embedded in it. The beautiful thing is your loyalty. Your loyalty doesn't let you fall for anyone, except for him/her. Isn't that beautiful?

    You proposed and you got rejected. There is something beautiful in this too. The beautiful thing is you don't aim for revenge. You bear that heart wrenching moment with a smile on your face. You don't aim for revenge because deep inside, your heart knows it can never be happy by breaking apart the one that means the world to you. Isn't that beautiful?

    You dream your life with them. Your every dream shatters with that one "No" but you still love them with all your heart. You still wish for their life to be filled with happiness. You wish for their smiling face to never disappear. Most of them will find immense pain in this. The beautiful thing here is 'purity of your love'. Believe me, this purity is hardly seen these days.

    There are many beautiful things even in this broken love. To people whose love wasn't answered, it's okay my friends. You have loved unconditionally. You loved them with all your heart. Yeah, it's unfortunate that they can't be yours. But trust me, at some point even they'll consider themselves fortunate to have someone like you who would love without any expectations. Loving someone without expecting anything in return, isn't that beautiful?

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    Beautiful broken Love...