• dazed_gazer 10w

    You can guess what happened to him.

    It's sad that this happens in real life.

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    The Boy in the Back of the Class

    They all pointed at him secretly, whispering and murmuring lowly about the boy in the back of the class to one another.

    He always wore black, concealing clothes. He never talked. Maybe he's mute? No. He growled in warning whenever the teasing went too far. He couldn't handle a joke.

    Soon enough, they didn't even bother hiding their pointing and gossip. They would either openly made fun of him, or gave him looks of pity and sympathy, which he both ignored. Not long after, the gossip and talking decreased, and they all forgot about the boy in black.

    One day, the mysterious, weird, closed-off, boy in the back of the class who had a mute problem disappeared. They were well aware of what happened to him. Since that day forward, they didn't talk about his existence at all. They were too much of a coward and filled with guilt.