• aditi_choudhury 5w

    break the ice..

    It was 3 days since the college reopened and nothing was really interesting .There were few new students today.And suddenly there was a rush in the class as I looked back there was a tall guy with long hair tied into a pony which perfectly suited his beard,half smiling (but he was sooo cute man)and half nervous(which was again cuter)..
    I so wanted to talk to him but again my anxiety made me step back everytime...Thankfully we were alloted to the same labs and so i thought i could *break the ice with some academic doubt* and that would be pretty genuine..
    And finally saturday came ....and i thought today i would initiate a convo anyhow...all the roll numbers were alloted their seat except the fact on his seat ,another girl was seating..Then the teacher announced that since a student has taken tc we have a odd numbered class so we have to make groups of 3 instead of 4..
    That is when my heart broke...i regretted about all those chance i missed ...and i would be never be able to meet him again...what a disgrace ...