• phraselover_mb 51w


    A feeling of something
    Which blows up everybody's mind
    It can be in a young
    Or even in a old's life

    A person in love is hypnotised
    By the person who has stolen
    It's heart and eyes
    A person who loves without limits
    Who knows that it's love
    Can be broken in just few minutes

    Love is the power of joining two souls
    It has the power of many such modes
    Hatred Is the beginning
    Love is the end
    Pick your heart's hand and
    Follow till the end

    Would it be an adult
    Or it will be child
    It's such a word of beauty
    Which melts the heart even of a cutie

    It's such a beautiful word
    Which compelled me to say:
    "Love is the Life's way"