• 567akhil 24w


    I don't know how it started but I have found a most beautiful girl in my class.
    No! I mean not beautiful like stars or moon , don't even dare to compare her beauty to all those natural things which has occupied their space in human dictionary since centuries . She is beautiful like no one else could be. Like I get attracted even when she shouts or when she argues to prove her authenticity. I have found beauty not in her laughter ,not even her random smiles but in her most depressed state or when she breaks down. People often asked me who is she to you ? I don't know the answer or I don't want to know the answer. I don't know who is she to me and what impact she had made in my life ,but she is potent than any drug available in the store. Even when she doesn't talk ,i heard her voices . And one night while I was sitting in a appease environment I asked myself million times who is she to me but I was not able to find the answer.