• ramyageorge 31w

    Paradoxical Corporate Hypocrites

    Paradoxical Corporate Hypocrites

    Humanity and Emotions have been induced in glittering impact factor columns. I seriously think and rethink what is the purpose of my survival here; everybody's work culture is a carbon copy of the expected fancy seal. Most of us are stamped and the ability to think on our own is drained. The battle between what we desire and what we deserve has become an unsolved Bermuda triangle.

    Dawn to Dusk we are sunk into our own images, even the monitor you see your mechanical data inputs reflect your pain and sorrow dunk faces. 'No plastic zones' tickle my nerves and make me laugh my heart out. Our smile, thoughts and even our very own survival has become plastic.Is there a medium we can commute to a plastic-free zone?

    This monotonous corporate drama takes the soul out of our hearts. Coming across stories of youngsters having the courage to leave their sophisticated zones to clean our environment and taking efforts to let us breathe pure organic air in the midst of packed oxygen cylinders hails them to glory. Trapped in a place where we happily accept losing our identity, where paper notes are valued over humanity and genuine happiness creeps me out.

    I am in hunt of a bodhi tree which helps me think it is easy for me to fly on a broomstick to my heart's desire and injects me the courage to value my vision over hypocritical fame and currency.

    Ramya George