• ashu_pandey19 10w

    It's joy that's the best when you finally chose your right one after making so many miserable decisions of life.

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    The chosen one

    Far away from mad city crowd,
    I sit beneath the blossoms,
    Silent and peaceful as I feel,
    Enlighed, I feel it's presence.
    And there he stands clenching my hands,
    Giving me that innocent smile,
    His love always gives me the power,
    To easily walk even miles.
    The pain of the past feels valid,
    As I look at his sweated face,
    All I feel is dozens of love,
    And melancholy in haze.
    Far away from the madding crowd,
    He bent on his bleeding knee,
    To sit all above the judgemental crowd,
    And with all the love, proposed me.
    All I could do is to nod a yes,
    With tears of joy in my eyes,
    Amidst all the immaturity that I might have,
    This nod and yes seemed relieving and wise.