• rosebudz 24w

    Music Box

    Blade as sharp as steel
    Hanging from my waist, scraping the ground as I walk
    Fresh blood leaving a stained trail
    Back to the place, back to the horrible truth
    I am a monster, the kind that kills for pleasure
    Pain is my favorite game
    Keeping a music box in my right hand
    I rip out every one of your teeth and hold them as my treasure
    In my music box
    Every time I open my box and hear that sick twisted music
    The pleasure is greater than anything I have ever experienced
    Returning to the place I call home
    I open my music box one last time for the night
    I carefully pull out every tooth from tonight`s victim
    And slowly place them in my wife`s mouth
    Made of rotten flesh she is almost complete
    Only if I could stop her eyes from rotting out
    She has gone through so many this month
    Blue, I love her eyes blue the most
    They are my favorite treasure to obtain
    She is my living doll
    And I will never let her go