• drayvaliente 4w

    In the Dark

    The space between us;
    Thick and humid from
    our mixed airs.

    Slowly it closes, 
    becoming thicker and hazier.
    The sense of what's to come,
    and what will remain
    hangs in the balance. 

    Softness draws me, 
    closer and closer.
    As well as the anticipation of the opposite.
    The dark.
    Rough and uncalculated. 

    Closing in, 
    the internal debate crosses two minds. 
    Enwraps them both.
    I can feel both our anticipations,
    One which grows
    as breaths are caught and two pulses seem to become one. 
    The space is gone.
    Allowing for our transgressions. 

    For how long we remained this way, I can not recall
    But I will forever remember that kiss.