• jamaree_writes_poems 20w

    Untitled, Part 7

    I wouldn't know what I'd do if I didn't have the support of the poetry Community,
    You guys make me feel so special and invincible like if I had Immunity,
    When my own family turned their backs on me and showed me that they didn't Care,
    There y'all were showing me that y'all will always be There,
    There's not enough words to express my gratitude for you guys but I'm going to try my Best,
    Because of y'all, you've made me comfortable as I came out of my personal Nest,
    As I was filled with gloom and going through my dark Days,
    Y'all will always tell me to keep my head up while giving me infinite Praise,
    My eyes getting filled with tears as I write this because you guys have honestly saved my Soul,
    Wanted to end my life many times and was close to doing so but you guys came in to fill the emptiness of my Hole,
    As rare as it is, can't think of anything else to write as my mind is drawing Blanks,
    So I'm going to just end it here and once again I love you guys and one last word before I go : THANKS ..."