• rodney 5w


    Seam down the dress of your covering veil.
    Need some wind to blow;
    I've my strength to hold the sail.
    Tribulations and through trials.
    I'll stay with you, I'll not bail.

    You are not what the world tells.
    It is what my heart yells.

    You are mine.
    And that is why I shine.

    It's you, my love.
    That secures our vow.

    Myself amidst the turbidity.
    You are my insatiable ingenuity.

    Saving and Healing.
    My heart's prayers serving.

    Day by Day.
    With God you've made me stay.

    If he's the way.
    I know, it's you that he's sent to me like a hope of ray.

    I love you and except that nothing rhythmic suffices to say.