• her_word_stories 9w


    An illusion is sold to you,
    Every minute and every second,
    That you have time and you have the freedom,
    That you may reckon too.

    Being stuck in the mirage,
    You judge the journey,
    Considering its you in the center,
    Of the rotating wheel.

    What would you do if you travelled back in time,
    To meet the younger you,
    All the darkness you find,
    Hidden in the locked closet of heart.

    Would you be happy,
    Or will you be sad,
    Would you be wondering,
    If you could change it all, and be glad.

    Make sure the journey is worth telling,
    For the world is a reflection of you,
    May be not today or tomorrow,
    but someday they will cherish you.
    Don't let the ILLUSION fool you!