• rasvi_maligi 9w

    That's all you ever wanted, right?
    To feel like you belong
    to things, to people, to places.

    Everytime the leaves sulked away
    from the trees in the yard,
    you wished it was in your memory.

    Everytime the river rerouted
    for a sweet little endeavour,
    you hoped it would stay.

    Everytime the wind brought to you
    the mellifluous songs of the cardinals,
    you convinced yourself it was for you.

    But then,
    How long before you realised,
    That the leaves still belonged to the trees.
    The river always wanted to get to the sea.
    The cardinals always sang to the wind.

    And you;
    You were just enough to be loved.
    Not more. Not less.
    Just enough.

    - Rasvi Maligi.