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    One day 18 year old Simon was adventuring in the woods when he meet Rebecca when they turned 21 they got married. For their honey moon they went camping. Simon was chopping wood for the fire when he saw his wife come running and screaming they took her to her grandmother's house to get it treated . The wife said that a black dog with red eyes bit her the grandmother said you are cursed on your daughters 13th birthday both of you will die . Well 3 months later she had a daughter . On her 13th birthday the daughter and mother fell into a deep sleep Simon thought they were dead and in his own greef he stabbed himself. Soon his wife woke up and saw him dead she ran to find help but no one was there . When she got back his body wasn't in the kitchen like earlier this time it was on the bed . Two weeks later the wife and child were killed using the same one that was used for suicide and his body was never found