• princethakur 31w

    Show your true self.

    Your hair is a mesh and you wear thick glasses.
    Your smile is cute it steals all my pain away.

    I want to steal kisses from your pretty lips.
    I want to witness your true self not this strong girl you pretend to be.

    I'm not pleased with this fake smile of yours.
    I want you to tell me everything you hold inside your heart and I promise to wipe out your tears.

    I want you to feel safe in my arms when I hug you.
    I'm here for you still waiting to see your soul and listen to your heart.

    I don't want to sleep in peace when you are facing your dark demons alone in night.
    I promise we'll fight our demons together and build our castle of love on the grave of our demons.

    I don't want to enjoy this love I want to suffer with you to defeat the darkness of your heart.
    Believe me whoever you are whatever you are I'll always love you the same you are my girl my sweetheart