• writesm 10w

    Hell yeah it wasn't meant to be
    We lost eachother with out no closure
    So we lie and hide our broken pieces of our heart
    Maybe one day
    There won't be any broken pieces
    It will be alright
    That you can smile at me, and i can do the same
    Just one day
    The pain that we are holding on will be forgotten it will turn to pleasure
    The broken piece will heal
    One day
    We can listen to our fav song, watch movies
    Sitting together star gazing smiling like we never ignored eachother
    Yeah it's a delusion, but for one day
    When i open the door, i hope to see you grinning at me n it will be okay
    No awkward situation, no hard feelings
    One day
    We can sit in our fav cafe and talk all day
    N the end our story won't be ,tragic
    Won't be gone for good
    But still holding eachother forever
    May be one day
    Everything will fall into place
    And if it's meant to be
    I may fall in your arms again.