• louisaene 10w

    My life

    As I’ve grown up, I’ve learned several things.

    Life is full of disappointments and people you trusted will sooner or later let you down.

    I’ve learned that often those you love will love someone else and there’s only one way to fall – fast and hard.

    I’ve learned that out of thousands of smiles, it takes one to touch your heart.

    I’ve found that words can be deceiving but the truth always lies in a person’s eyes(don't come and argue with me ooo)

    I’ve learned that everything can change in the blink of an eye and tears often come without invitation.

    I’ve learned crying can make us stronger and there’s never too much love to go around. Not enough love in our heart.

    I’ve learned that prejudice helps no one and that weapons don’t hurt people, people hurt people...

    I've learnt people only have access to your life so as much as you permit them.

    I've learnt to live and not exist.

    I'm Winnie making impact...