• nilo_nila 23w

    There is a popular proverb " Time and Tide wait for none" ⌚️ But time travel does it!!!!! Is there really time travel exists��??? Is been hypothetical still now�� Everyone's wish to have time travelling machine to alter the things which they felt it was rude n bitter...They wish to turn bitter into a sweet!!! If there been really a time travel the world would be too amazing....But if everything gone Amazing then there will be lack of amusing!!!!! #mirakeetravel@writersnetwork@mirakeeworld@sangisangi@raj_daredevil@chinmayi_nandini@nandhinir@keerthu_aux@aasheer@vasagaraja@poetrydelivery

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    Time Travel

    The day I was born... clock still rotates clockwise asusual.... Water flows in a stream asusual..... Sun rises in the East asusual...... Stars shines bright ausual..... God accord me to this world panegyric..... Mom felt I was her glorious miracle.... Dad felt soon I will reach a Pinnacle... Relative felt I will be empirical..... And I never taught of Mirakee...... I haven't wish to alter it!!! But at the same time I wish to time travel the day I was born to see those beautiful grin on everyone's face....