• docteurdee 4w


    Today, I remember you.
    I remember the sound of your laughter and how the winds embraced it.

    Your smile, the distance between cities.
    Your voice!! Oh, how much the nightingale has yet to learn!
    I remember you as you once were _the good old days,
    and yet..
    Today, the night mocks me with long forgotten memories.

    I remember the color of joy on your lips, and fragrant lavender on your skin.
    Every moment, even if for a minute, the way your arms wrapped around me in love.

    I remember you!

    I remember you today as I always will, and yet someday, somehow I may forget.
    I hope the constellations tell stories of you each night,
    I hope they remind me of how you once were, and how you remained,
    Your love a gift to remember.

    Oh, how much I remember today;your heart so pure and full.
    But still...
    The darkness taunts me with memories.
    Our last laugh, last hug, and final farewell;
    As one last morning you slip away.
    I remember you lightly, as my heart hurts;
    and maybe a little clearer when it starts to heal.

    I remember you today, as I always will;
    and if someday my mind forgets, I hope my heart remembers just how once, it beat in response to you.