• enthusciasm 26w

    The Time Play

    Your Past ; all gone by ,

    Your Present ;  is you and your stand by,

    Your future ;is  the unforeseeable   ecstacy or the capricious abode of the dead that you cannot testify ,

    Today you are because yesterday you were ,
    Tomorrow you will be of what today you prefer ,

    Universal truths can never be denied ,
    What's gone by is gone and can never return even if science and divine has allied ,

    It's neither the stars nor the streaks of your hand ,
    Repudiate , it's  the almighty that is the author of your book called 'LIFE' yet planned .

    What you speak is your pen , what you are is your paper ,
    You are the wordsmith , it's you to write your future  and your optimism is the stapler.

    " Truth is in front of you , it's the state of your mind that enables you to see it " .