• mindtraveller 9w

    Once again the darkness greets me,hello my old friend.Its been long,ain't it?I guess its not possible to get rid of you completely.Ran away till i bruised my toes,but it still isn't enough.Walked down the aisle of thorns,but still can't get rid of you. I despise you,but i have to live with you i guess,isn't it?You go deep to my frail bones,stinging every corner of the bandaged sorrows.
    The gloomy cloud towers upon,like an infinite sea of sorrow and fury.But still,i will not let you eat me up,though being human,i feel like giving up at times but i will constantly remind myself that i must learn to seek for the rainbow and that without you i will never learn how to appreciate the golden days. #diary

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    Darkness,my old friend