• serene110 9w

    Showers of love

    I am sitting in my balcony,
    With the flowers wallowing the rain water,
    And my dog beside my chair,
    With news paper in my hand,
    Enjoying my evening tea,
    With her who never,
    Ceased my emotions,
    Taught me to love the rain shower,
    Every inch of soma is bursting ,
    With passion, flowing through my words,
    Little drops touches my nose and,
    My dog lily Wags her tail,
    Looking at my eyes with love in hers,
    And my love is leaning on my shoulder,
    With the trust that " I am the one "
    Whom she would love forever,
    For a moment it seemed so real,
    But alas! It is only my thoughts,
    Another virtual truth of my life.