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    Stop dealing with the fear of ur shortcomings..
    Just chill with the time...
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    Be in the actuality

    Today in the phase of trust and relationships, they never go together.. It's all just left like torn apart.. The sentiment of a person is portray like a fuck as whole apart... Wearing a smile n hiding the true"You" is never gonna work..
    "You are the one whom I can't give you " A damn crazy lines ever heard. Is that seriously will remain the same as the one we were in the past with that particular guy.
    Oh cmon it's not that I'm saying so I'm broken or been ditched everyone knows "life firki leti hai "....
    Yeah! It's like that only we just in so much of rage that stupid sentiment that we become a wimpy n believe a person with the heights of maturity level gets trapped n never open up the eyes to face the realities..
    Yeah! U made the promises, you made eachother to be bonded.. Just tell me one thing if u were so much into it why you need to prioritize the realities n has to go... Why you still say we still carry understanding...
    It's all the thing that we never understand the actuality n never let the things go happened...

    Be the man of words first n then makes the words to say about you