• mimii_chi 45w

    Oh what a blessing for me,
    Oh what joy my soul feels ,
    Oh My angel has arrived
    In a white shining garment ,
    My prince charming is here,
    And I found my best friend .

    I wont seize to sing the happy song,
    My tears shall flow no more,
    The Lord's sent doing its work diligently
    The work of elevation in my life ,
    My true love showering me with praise,
    And my new sister becoming a twin .

    Time has passed and now the truth,
    Nothing but sorrow, pain and sadness,
    The mask now removed
    relveals the face of a demon ,
    True love departed crushing my feeble heart ,
    And a loved sister now turned foe.

    It was all a lie happiness and content,
    It never really did exist true love and trust,
    The time of happiness a reminder
    Of what I never had or will have ,
    The time of joy created to crush my soul,
    And sorrow with tears my lasting companion.