• lifestruck_poetry 6w

    Evil risen

    When I thought
    Everything was going to be okay
    When I thought
    The wall will heal
    When I thought
    The storm inside me will pacify
    When I thought
    My heart will find a new keeper
    At that time I didnt realize
    Things had gone way too far than that
    I couldn't help but gaze
    Into my mind's dark clouds
    Where everything was in chaos
    I couldnt find the good in there
    I couldnt find the peace in there
    I ran thinking about doom
    Sitting and watching the destruction
    Where each wall of expectation was being deliberately mulled down
    By the doubts of the reality
    Where the storm was growing bigger and bigger
    By the vapours of distrust and the humidity of enemity
    And at last I found my heart
    Sitting in the corner
    Glowing with a red hue
    Indicating its rage and venegance
    When no one appreciated it
    And everything happening to it
    That it kept accumulating inside of it
    Until this day when It realized
    That today is the day
    "I turn this tide in favour
    Of Not you, not anybody
    But only me"