• inkblot303 41w


    Well intentioned poison of the soul,
    A promise.
    Big or small, short or long,
    A promise.
    A string of words that both mend and hurt,
    A promise is truly a double edged sword.
    When I promised you forever I did not
    Think to attach a list of conditions.
    In truth, I broke my promise in response to
    You breaking my trust,
    Together we broke that fragile
    Balance that was
    Yet my promise was not,
    "Forever so long as you are faithful"
    I simply promised you forever
    And then walked away despite my promise.
    So you see, you promising this will
    Never happen again does not phase me
    Because what you don't understand is
    A promise only lasts until an exception
    Invites you into their bed and you go,
    Consent in lieu of refuse:
    You break my heart and do so with the pieces
    Of your broken promises.
    The one promise I can keep:
    I will never again trust you.
    I promise.