• basic881239 5w

    She Walks into a Bar

    Another sexual free thinker walks into a bar
    Why such a long face?
    This isn’t a joke, 
    She sighs.
    Where have all the fireflies gone
    And why is that body
    Lying on the floor.
    What are you running from?
    Just give me two hits of that
    Young tough wine
    With the raspberry lips
    Two empty glasses
    And a few empty bottles,
    The sexual revolutionist disappeared 
    Through the crowded elevator 
    To the rooftop
    Authorized personnel only
    Beyond this point.
    Her toes hung from the edge
    Pleading with her legs
    Not to let them go.
    Why is it harder
    To let go after you learned
    They got over it all so quickly.
    What held her there
    Beside the stubbornness of her 
    Balance on that edge.
    The bartender says,
    What can I get you.
    Two empty glasses later
    The sexual seperatist grasped her own wrist
    And pulled her quivering legs
    Down off the ledge.
    Why such a long face,
    Why such a pretty,
    Long face.