• equiahmaggi 24w

    I still smile whenever I read this and it makes me miss you more. To know you feel so much for me that you put this together is astonishing. I love you and looking back, I'm glad you didn't give up when I told you to. It makes me cry

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    You blindfold me in the darkest night
    Leaving me with nothing to follow
    But the sound of your voice
    In your vain attempt to feel safe,
    You tuck yourself away in that cave of yours
    Hoping I might not see the scars of your previous battles
    You shut me out behind a never ending corridor of doors
    Forgetting you trusted me with the key
    And I keep finding my way to your heart
    Again, and again, and again
    With each encounter taking you by surprise
    Almost as if you thought I'd give up so easily
    The words you utter are a hybrid of proposals and rejections
    Trying to keep me close enough to see you wither
    Yet far away from my comforting arms

    Honestly, it is challenging trying to read a person who has lost sight of bearings
    Wondering lost and broken in the wild
    Every sailor needs a compass
    But you lost faith in yours ages ago
    Lying in a boat, you drift silently away on an endless ocean
    Wishing you might just come across a waterfall
    So you could come down crashing in a splash
    Drowning in all your misery
    You flee from the slightest sign of shore
    Out of the fear that your anchors are gonna break away,
    At the exact moment you start feeling at home
    Why do I still get drawn to you?

    Like Super Mario I run and jump through the murkiest of hallways
    Seeking to free my princess from whatever is holding you captive
    To my amazement , I find my damsel-in-distress,
    In the guise of the very monster I sought to vanquish
    What precious thing in this world could you be ready to fight me to protect?
    What at all had turned you so cold and vigilant?
    You hide in your abyss
    Guarding the caged broken pieces of your heart
    My rescue mission had now evolved into a wild contest,
    Of me trying to convince you to open up your heart once more
    Once more to the beautiful possibilities this life has to offer
    All the walls and barriers you set up
    Were just mere tests to see if I was worthy
    Well, it is said Mario is a plumber
    Who embarks on various adventures in pipes and tunnels
    Perhaps this repairman could fix the pieces of your brittle heart
    That remains locked away in your lair
    All I can ask myself now;
    Is what kind of person turned you into this paranoid anomaly?