• kaylil_360 5w

    It is okay to fell at your First and Second trial of achieving success, do not pity yourself, try ag

    In life, not all first tries are guaranteed to be that it factor, that of course meaning, becoming successful. We are bound to fell at first and second tries, sometimes even at third and fourth. Regardless whatever the outcome might be in the process, it is imperative never to give up on your endeavor, do not be afraid or too hard on yourself because you fell to achieve your goals at first, even when doors are shot right in front of you or the fact you were rejected at your first trial, get up and keep trying! You will surely reach your goals at the end, for every winner out there wasn't always a winner from the very beginning but rather climb their way from the bottom to the top, all it takes is courage, determination and perseverance.
    Learn to have faith and believe in yourself.