• deep_lu 10w

    I miss you

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    Yo, I already know. Why I'm alone. You've shown. Your lack of interest. I guess. I'm a mess. Not worth of your test. It's clear, you're top class. And I'm trash. Not a chance. To be yours. I adore who you are. From the bottom of my heart. Where to start? From the moment I layed eyes, on you. I knew, we were one. But my screwed up mind, and the time wasn't right. So I didn't say a thing, and let you slide by. Fuck, I miss you so damn much. And if I can see your face one last time. I'd be fine. Knowing that you're happy, even without me! So long as you're happy, I'm smiling. You are my everything, and without you, my heart bleeds. Thats the truth. I took you for granted. You're my angel, my twin soul. I will never forget you, Willow.